Win a Switch

8:00 Registration, 8:30 Start

On Friday Sept 27 2019 OFA will be holding a doubles foosball tournament where first prize will be a Nintendo Switch. This will be the 8th one of these tournaments (Wiis and PS3s). Here are the details:

When: Friday Sept 27 2019. 8:00pm Registration, 8:30 Start
What: Doubles Foosball Tournament, double elimination format
Where: Tail Gators, 1642 Merivale Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 4A1
Who: Beginner players only!! No pros allowed. (see below)
How Much: $10/Person. Free for Women.
* 1st - Nintendo Switch
* 2nd - 70% of any surplus entry fees
* 3rd - 30% of any surplus entry fees
* 50% off league fees for all participants who want to join the league!

So this is how it works. Show up at Tail Gators on Friday night at 8:00 and find the foosball tables. Register you and your partner and pay your entrance fee.

At 8:30 we will start the tournament. We use a double elimination format which means you need to lose 2 matches before you are eliminated. Each match is a best two out of three with games going to 5 goals. It costs $1/game (9 balls). If you go all the way to the end you'll probably need 5 loonies. The winning team will get the Nintendo Switch. The second place team will get 70% of any extra entrance fees above the cost of the Switch, 3rd place gets 30%. All entrants get 50% off coupon for any OFA league.

Who can play? We are limiting this to new/beginner players. No pros are allowed. All of the pros know who they are (regular league players) so if you have to ask, your not a pro.

If you have any questions or comments give me a call/text/email.
Chris Thomas